Founded on the belief that doing should be easy, UncommonGood is proud to announce the first of many chances to make a mighty impact: our first ever fundraising event! And not just any event — one that benefits a life-saving organization, Breast Cancer Alliance. With your entry, you’ll support Breast Cancer Alliance, be entered to win a one-of-a-kind work of art by renowned California artist and textile master Lia Cook, and have the chance to walk away with a $7,500 cash prize. Let the fun begin!

All donations to UncommonGood’s inaugural event benefit the day-to-day work and guiding mission of…

The last year has amplified rallying cries for activism. A global pandemic, the country’s polarized political climate, and deeply-entrenched racial injustices have all been at the forefront of the news and our minds — and have made supporting and championing good of the utmost importance. And there have arguably never been more ways to get involved — whether you’ve marched in person, ran a race virtually, donated your time to one organization or committed money to another — all of these collective contributions can begin to foster real change.

While some efforts to support causes might produce more visible effects…

A story from our founder, Carolyn Driscoll

It seems like such a simple concept: Do good. Make the world better.

And yet, everywhere we look, there are roadblocks to building efficacy within mission-driven organizations and nonprofits: securing grants and partnerships, garnering and retaining donors, building lean teams and planning for capacity, and so many more.

The result? Smaller organizations tend to stay small. They pare back, and so large-scale results are significantly harder to achieve and maintain sustainably.

For some organizations, it can work. But shouldn’t every nonprofit have the chance (and the resources) to drive big results? …


Uncommon solutions. Guaranteed to do good. We believe impact comes in many shapes and sizes, stories have power, and together, we can drive remarkable change.

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